etherSMS Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions have been asked most often about etherSMS:

What  platforms or devices does etherSMS run on?

The etherSMS Messenger runs on iOS (iPad, iPhone, and iPod/Touch), Android, and soon Blackberry devices. Most Android OS 2.1 or higher devices are supported and Blackberry OS 5.0 (or higher), when released.

Can I use etherSMS as my [SMS] texting application?

Yes. On Android and Blackberry platforms, the etherSMS messenger can be used as a direct replacement for the handset’s native text messaging application. However, on iOS platforms, the SMS services are not accessible to applications without jail-breaking the phone.

How much does etherSMS cost?

Setting up an etherSMS account is FREE. Sending and receiving messages with other etherSMS users is FREE. Sending messages outside the etherSMS network as conventional SMS/text messages are 2¢ each (U.S./Canada, see rates for international). You may purchase a phone number for $2/month. You only pay for messages sent or received.

Why do I need a phone number for my iOS device to send and receive text messages?

The SMS messaging component of Apple’s iOS does not provide for public/accessible APIs for sending and receiving of text messages. Using the etherSMS service, you can add a “virtual” phone number to your device, even if it’s an iPad or Android tablet with no SMS capability.

Do I need a data plan on my mobile device?

No. etherSMS will use any network connectivity available to your device whether it be your mobile carrier’s data network, your home’s WiFi network, or favorite public hotspot.

How do I send a message?

When addressing a message, simply enter the destination phone number or etherSMS e-mail account in the To: field. If either belongs to an etherSMS user, the message is routed within our own network, FREE.

Is etherSMS secure?

All connectivity to etherSMS is handled through an HTTPS connection and secured using your own sign-on credentials. If a text message is delivered through a carrier, the message is only as secure as the mobile carrier’s network.

Is etherSMS an application or a service.

It is both. The etherSMS Messenger is an application that can send/receive text messages while the etherSMS “service” is a communications network for sending and receiving messages. The service routes messages to other etherSMS users or external SMS “gateways” if needed.

Does etherSMS support MMS (picture messaging)?

Our first release does not, but it’s coming soon!

Does etherSMS charge for upgrades?


Does etherSMS share any of my personal information with any third parties?

No. etherSMS does not share ANY personal account information with any other person or organizations nor does it share your messaging history or contents thereof. Communicate with confidence.

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