etherSMS - How does it work?

etherSMS is a cloud-based messaging platform that combines instant-messaging and SMS into one application. To get started with etherSMS, follow the highlighted instructions below and you’ll be messaging in no time at all.

Let’s get started.

1. Create an etherSMS Account

We’ll start by creating an etherSMS account. Don’t worry, creating an account is FREE.


Description: Macintosh HD:Users:rcichielo:Documents:etherSMS:Web Site:images:register.pngClick the Join Now button and enter your name, e-mail address, and a password. Your e-mail address must be unique and will be used as your identity within etherSMS. Click the “Create User” button and you’re done.

When signing into your etherSMS account, use the e-mail address and password used when creating your account.



If you wish to get a phone number for your mobile device, use the account page to browse available numbers in your area and make your selection. Other etherSMS users can send to your new number at no charge. If you send or receive text messages outside the etherSMS network, standard messaging rates apply.

etherSMS for Android manages your phone’s regular SMS messages and also allows messaging through the etherSMS service. Having an etherSMS account is optional. A great option when traveling internationally or just bypassing your text messaging plan.


etherSMS is required for iPhone devices since Apple does not allow applications to access the SMS features of the device. You can send in-network messages for FREE, but regular SMS message rates will apply when texting.

2. Sending a Message

So you’re ready to send your first message.
Whether you’re using Android or iPhone/iPad/iPod, the process is just about the same.


Using etherSMS, start by composing a new message.

etherSMS has tried to make the messaging experience very close to the native handset SMS/texting applications.

For Apple users, simply click the blue “plus” sign to add a recipient. For android, simply select “Compose” new message and your contact list will be shown.

You may select the recipient’s mobile number or their etherSMS e-mail id.





If the recipient is an etherSMS user, it’s simply sent to their in-box and they’re notified immediately.

Otherwise, etherSMS will attempt to send the message using SMS to the recipient’s mobile carrier network.





3. Receiving Messages and Notifications

Receiving messages is so seamless, you’ll forget you’re using a different messaging application! etherSMS uses the built-in notification systems of the native mobile device to alert users that a new message has arrived.



For Android users, new messages display in the notification area of the Android mobile device. The etherSMS icon and unread message count are displayed. Users may choose whether to receive notifications, ring-tone, vibrate, etc.






Apple users will receive new messages using Apple’s notification services. These settings may be managed in the phone’s Settings application. As new messages arrive, the user will be notified with familiar pop-up messages and unread count [badge] on the etherSMS application icon.





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