etherSMS Product Features

etherSMS provides a simple and intuitive messaging application that operates very similar to the native messaging applications on your mobile handset. Depending on your platform, the etherSMS Messenger can serve as a complete alternative for your SMS/texting application.

Product Features & Highlights

  • Provides messaging & texting user experience similar to the native handset application(s).
  • Cross platform support for iPad, iPhone, iPod/Touch, Android, and Blackberry devices.
  • Operates on the mobile carrier’s data network, WiFi, or hot-spot.
  • Completely integrated with your device’s contact/address book.
  • Notifications integrated into the native handset’s notification and alert mechanisms.
  • Send and receive messages with other etherSMS users and SMS devices.
  • Protect your messages from prying eyes with a built-in screen/passcode lock.
  • Send and receive messages without having to pay expensive international text rates.
  • Minimize or eliminate your carrier’s text messaging plan.
  • Get a number for your iPad or other tablet device for sending and receiving text messages. (At this time, only U.S. numbers are available).
  • Emoticon support.
  • Web and phone number links supported.

*On Apple devices, etherSMS is a required service since access to the SMS component of the mobile handset is inaccessible.

How much does it cost?

etherSMS messaging:


Send or receive
text message:


International UK:

International elsewhere:

Buy a phone number
for your mobile device:


No contracts, you may cancel at any time. Most importantly, you only pay for what you use. Really.


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